Divorce Issues

Based in Berkley Heights, divorce lawyer David Bendush represents men and women in contested and uncontested divorce, as well as palimony suits. Palimony refers to the separation of non-married partners, including heterosexual and same sex partners. In a divorce, or a palimony suit, many of the issues can be the same.

The most common issues involve support payments (alimony) and property division. Child custody and visitation are also issues if children are involved. Mr. Bendush, a practicing lawyer since 1987, has extensive experience handling these legal matters.

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Alimony and spousal support – the two most prevalent types of alimony in New Jersey are “temporary alimony” ordered by the court to maintain the status quo until a financial analysis can be obtained; and “permanent alimony” which can be of limited duration to allow one spouse to become self-sufficient, or for a specific term (depending on the length of marriage and other factors), or of permanent duration (which may be considered for couples married for over 10 years and a totally dependant spouse). For more information regarding alimony in New Jersey, please contact us today.

Property division – New Jersey is an “equitable distribution” state, which means a judge can divide property and debts accumulated during marriage as the judge deems equitable. There are a number of factors a judge will consider in making his decision, including the length of the marriage, the circumstances of each party, health issues, etc. Many of the legal issues that arise during a property and debt division center around whether the property or debt is marital, and valuation issues, i.e., how much is the property worth. For more information about New Jersey’s equitable distribution of property laws, or to discuss your property issue, please contact us today.

 Berkeley Heights divorce attorney David C. Bendush provides family law, child support, legal separation, alimony, and child custody modification legal services to clients throughout Somerset County and Union County, including the communities of New Providence, Summit, Warren, Watchung, Long Hill Township, Mountainside, Scotch Plains, and North Plainfield, as well as Morris and Essex Counties.